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Property Management

Tyson Properties strives to be the best property management company in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.  It is so important to know that we conduct three owner and tenant surveys per year to find out exactly how we are performing. Your replies and comments on these surveys have helped us shape our business to improve our service.  

Listed below are some of the comments we have received regarding our property management services.

As you can see, some testimonials refer to a specific Albuquerque or Rio Rancho Property Manager.  We are proud of our trained, experienced and dedicated staff.

As a fully licensed New Mexico Property Management company, we are hired by the property owner to represent their needs and take care of their investment.  We sign a contract with the property owner and are obligated to the owner; however, we are always fair to the tenant.

Tyson Properties Inc. and our personnel believe in a win / win situation for all parties. If you have an a Rio Rancho or Albuquerque home for rent, Contact us. We are the premier property manager for rental homes in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho NM.

Testimonials From Property Owners and Tenants

Thankful Tenant!

5 Star Thanks for helping me make such an important decision.
May 1, 2018 by Betty to Tyson Properties, Inc.:

Hi Jennie,

I just wanted to thank you for all your support through this. And also for all your patience with me. I know I am all over the place trying to make this decision. After sitting here thinking this all over I will just wait on the movement to peppoli and wait off on any house purchases for now since I am not near this stage in my personal life at the moment. Thank you for I am so sorry for all the back and forth.

You have been an amazing property manager and you are the primary reason why I want to stick with Tyson.

Thank you!

Another happy Tyson tenant

5 Star We enjoyed living in the home. 
April 19, 2018 by Stacey


Unfortunately I already bought a home, and moved in! I am sure the house will sell quickly, I enjoyed living there. I feel terrible about the carpets, the kids were extraordinarily rough on them. Please extend my apology to the owner.

Yes, you may share my testimonial on your website with my first name.

Thank you again!


Tyson provides a positive rental experience

5 Star Jennie is doing an excellent job!
April19, 2018 by Tenant - Jessica (last name withheld upon tenant request)

Dear Janessa Parra,

I wanted to write you to let you know that Jennie is doing an excellent job. She is always so great to my husband and I; We have been renting through Tyson Properties for over 2 years now and she has made the experience so positive for us. We have had quite a few issues with our house and she always does everything to make sure the work is getting done and always staying in contact with us. We are very thankful to have Jennie as our property manager and we hope she continues to do an amazing job.




Impressed with Tyson Properties

5 Star  Hi I just wanted to let you know that I have been impressed with Brenda Dubose and her handling of the few problems [we] have had. I like what I have seen from Brenda and Tyson Properties so far thank you keep up the good work.
November 18, 2015 by Arthur

Satisfied with Tyson's Albuquerque Property Management

5 Star If I ever hear of anyone needing y'alls services, I will recommend y'all 100%.
November 12, 2015 by Jon Tabor

To say in a nutshell, this [home] was an answer to our prayers.

5 Star Thank you so much for your help. 

November 12, 2015 by Julie Natonabah

I have to share something with you. We have been looking for a house for 3 weeks now and have had a terrible experience. We found one house and for some reason the deal fell through. Not sure why. Then we found another house and was almost victim to a terrible craigslist scam. Finally, we decided to go through a property manager and found this house. It is perfect (from the pictures) for what we need and at a very reasonable price. To say in a nutshell, this was an answer to our prayers.

Again, thank you.


I would recommend y'all in a heartbeat.

5 Star   A good property management company is a gem and I would recommend y'all in a heartbeat.
November 12, 2015 by Pamela Hoyt

Thanks for all your help. We have appreciated all the good work you and the gang out there at Tyson have done for us over the years.

High-Rated Rental Property Services

5 Star  I will be sure to Recommend Tyson Properties to anyone I know in the Albuquerque area.
September 2, 2015 by Russell

I would have renewed our lease but have taken a job in Texas and will be moving the family there. Thank you for all your assistance these last two years and I will be sure to Recommend Tyson Properties to anyone I know in the Albuquerque area.

Thanks again.


Fast Response Times from Our Albuquerque Property Management Team

5 Star  Anytime we have had a repair or a question,  it has been addressed even faster than I expected.
July 16, 2015 by Chavarria

I just wanted to let you know that the repairs I submitted a work order for have been completed.  The contractor that came to do the repairs was extremely professional and courteous.  He was prompt and completed the work in a timely manner.

I also want to take time to express how impressed I am with the level of service we have received since we began renting with Tyson Properties.  This is our first time renting with your company and we didn't really know what to expect.  Anytime we have had a repair or a question,  it has been addressed even faster than I expected.   So again, thank you and please continue the exceptional service!


Happy Tenant - Tyson Property Managers Made Repairs Promptly

5 Star Hi! The repairs were done & we were very impressed with the service we were provided with!
March 10, 2015 by Liz

Hi! The repairs were done & we were very impressed with the service we were provided withWe emailed the request Friday night during a snow storm & were hoping but not expecting a response the next day.  We were beyond happy to get a call & get service provided the same day!!  Thank you very much!!

Fast Rental Turnaround is Profitable

5 Star Thanks for leasing our property quickly.
September 18, 2013 by Nate Gonzalez and Iriz Yazno to Tyson Properties, Inc.:

Good (evening in ABQ/morning in Afghanistan), Thanks for leasing our property quickly. We are very pleased with the prompt and top-shelf customer service Tyson Properties continues to provide.

Mike Lewis, owner of ACE Cost Estimating Services

5 Star Outstanding Property Management Services!
March 4, 2013 by Mike Lewis to Tyson Properties, Inc.:

I want thank you, Vivian, and the other folks at Tyson Properties Inc. for the outstanding property management services that you have provided to us over the last 10 years. Your attention to detail and your professional approach to managing my property made my ownership of this rental house both profitable and successful. I would strongly recommend Tyson Properties Inc.

Wonderful Work!

5 Star Thank you, Tyson Properties, for the wonderful work you do.
November 21, 2012 by David and Dora C. to Tyson Properties, Inc.:

We appreciate the update on our property. Thank you, Tyson Properties, for the wonderful work you do to keep 5820 Burgos in great condition. It has been great working with you over these years, and we hope to continue our working relationship. Looking forward to taking care of what looks to be mostly minor problems. Wishing you all at Tyson Properties a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.

Professional and Organized Rental Property Management Company in Albuquerque

5 Star I just wanted to take a moment to say how very happy I am with Tyson Properties
November 2, 2012 by Shannon Chavez to Tyson Properties, Inc.:

I just wanted to take a moment to say how very happy I am with Tyson Properties and my property manager, Kelly. She is always so friendly and responds quickly to any inquiries. I love how organized your company is and that I can so easily put in a service request online! I also love how quickly my service requests are dealt with! Keep up the great work and please recognize Kelly for her professionalism and hard work! Thank you.

Wonderful service!

5 Star Thank you for all of your wonderful service!
June 5, 2012 by Benita Lujan to Tyson Properties, Inc.:

I'd like to take a minute to thank you for all of your wonderful service!! Me and my fiance Lucas just moved into one of your rental homes and the service we received from your staff was OUTSTANDING not to mention your business as a whole!! Coming from Ammre rental properties to you was a totally different experience and it was one that we were thankful to have. Your properties are so clean, & your staff was the most helpful staff i have yet to come across. Customer service means EVERYTHING & they sure made everything stress free & all together a fun experience, like renting a property should be. I look forward to our year with your company!! Kudos to the staff that helped us personally & inspired this letter of thanks; Reedra, Diane, & Kathleen!! Have a great day & keep up the great work!!

Thank you for helping us

5 Star I just wanted to thank you
March 28, 2012 by Wendy Wilson to Tyson Properties, Inc.:

Thanks, Janessa! For the record Dan Kelley did a great job handling our short sale of our house! We appreciate all the great service Tyson has provided over the years.

We love Tyson!

5 Star We love our Tyson family
January 31, 2012 by B.Bacon to Tyson Properties, Inc.:

Thank you all so very much. We love our Tyson family, and thank you so much for having someone out so promptly.

Knowing that Tyson is managing my home is always one of the best gifts I get every single year!

5 Star Tyson does what it says it's going to do.
December 20, 2011 by B.Bacon to Tyson Properties, Inc.:

Your email is just one example of what really sets Tyson apart from all other property mgt companies. Tyson does what it says it's going to do and it does it on time and without the owner having to constantly follow-up. And the additional educational information you include in emails such as the one below or in your newsletters is so valuable, so that we owners can be prepared and avoid future surprises.

You all are so amazing, especially Reedra. 🙂 Knowing that Tyson and Reedra are managing my home is always one of the best gifts I get every single year!


5 Star  Your firm is the most efficient and professional group I work with within my 7 rental properties.
by Bob

Hi Bob, Please extend my congratulations to you and your staff for winning the Property Manager Award. Your firm is the most efficient and professional group I work with within my 7 rental properties. I am also lucky enough to have Vivian...the BEST property manager in the world...and maybe the universe! Appreciate all your good efforts on my behalf.

Gayla and Mark P.

5 Star Your office displayed professionalism and was able to answer all of our questions.
by Gayla and Mark P.

Thank you! Your office has been such a pleasure to work with and we located a home that we are so happy with. Ventana West is such a quiet area. Your office displayed professionalism and was able to answer all of our questions. It has been a blessing to have your office involved during our move back home to New Mexico! Relocating can be stressful.

Linda M.

5 Star  Thank you for your quality service!
by Linda M.

I have been very impressed with Vivian Wiseman! She is responsive, helpful and pleasant. She has the experience and knowlegde to handle high end homes and we are grateful for her assistance. Thank you for your quality service!

Kim O.

5 Star  I just wanted to thank you for the pleasant experience we had with Tyson.
by Kim O.

I just wanted to thank you for the pleasant experience we had with Tyson. We are homeowners, but due to my husband's lay off, moved to Albuquerque for a year to see if he could secure employment. He was unable to so we are moving back to our house in Silver City. I was really thankful that I didn't have to worry about unmanaged repairs and other stresses of renting. We were truly blessed to live in a safe neighborhood, in a safe home, in a good school district. Please extend our gratitude to the owners of this home as well. It was obvious to me that they cared a great deal for their home. Thanks again!

Owner Survey Response

5 Star Overall, Tyson Properties is vastly better in every way when compared to our previous management company.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star We appreciated the role that Tyson filled, and your professionalism.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Excellent service... Always responsive to requests & stays on top of maintenance issues.

Owner Survey Response

5 Star I'm very happy with June Baca. She's extremely efficient.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star We have only been with Tyson for going on three months now and so far everything is wonderful.

Owner Survey Response

5 Star Always very prompt and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Reedra!!

Harold Y.

5 Star Michelle, You are good! How long was the time in between [tenants], less than 2-weeks apart. Thanks for getting the longer lease to expire in the summer time. Ruby and I appreciate your professional work.

Owner Survey Response

5 Star Thank you for providing a super management team. So far my experience has been positive and I hopefully would like to acquire another rental in the future to be managed by your company

James and Julie S.

5 Star Your employee, Vivian Wiseman, should be the poster child (person) for excellent customer service. Although we had a hiccup or two concerning our application, she worked diligently to get the issues ironed out, contacted us immediately for feedback and moved our application along expeditiously. I received an email from her at 10:45 letting me know the information had been forwarded and half an hour later, she let us know we were approved. Vivian has proven to me that we did choose the right property management team to work with (as there were SO many to choose from).

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star In the time that we were there June Baca seemed to be a good property manager. She was prompt and willing to help us when we needed it.

T. Ferguson

5 Star I wanted to thank you for providing a great renting experience from Tyson. You have been very reactive to any questions or concerns I have had and that is a rare experience. Thanks Michelle and I hope to hear from you soon.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star I recommended Tyson to my niece and her husband.


5 Star I'm writing to let you know how pleased I've been with Vivian. She's been professional, thoughtful, and very responsive ever since she was assigned to the property. She's great, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate her work especially, and all of my interactions with Tyson staff. The regular updates and emails were all very helpful (and really well written!!). So thank you very much.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Always a pleasure to have any dealing with Vivian.


5 Star "Thank you! We have an appt scheduled for tomorrow. That was really fast!"

Owner Survey Response

5 Star I couldn't ask for a better property manager -- Reedra is wonderful

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Very pleased with my experience. Moved here from out of state and found a great house in a weekend.

T. Gutierrez

5 Star These newsletters are EXTREMELY useful to me as an investor. Keep up the great work! I really appreciate what you all are doing and its money well spent in my eyes for you all to be taking care of my investment. Thanks!

Owner Survey Response

5 Star Tyson's representatives have done an excellent job!

Laura L.

5 Star I have received excellant support and answers from Reedra! Repairs were made in time & Reedra's response time was excellant!

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Tyson Properties' Management staff have always been responsive to all of my needs. Thank You.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Tyson has been nothing but good to us. Anything we needed it has been taken care of. Nothing negative to say. I recommend Tyson to anyone.

Owner Survey Response

5 Star Kelly Stagner has done an excellent job for me.

Tenant Survey Response


J. Ortiz

5 Star Thank you for handling the slab leak issue so professionally, Kelly!

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star I am very pleased with how you handle your business

Stephen G.

5 Star Tyson Properties' rented my house in a down market when nobody else could! Wonderful!

Owner Survey Response

5 Star Vivian Wisemann has been a gem

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Great service! We have been renting from Tyson since April 2007 and have never had any issues.

G. Palady

5 Star The home we looked at were top quality! The professionalism & positive attitude of staff was a blessing 🙂

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star We have actually recommended several couples to Tyson

Carol F.

5 Star The staff has always been wonderful! I would never rent from another agency.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Overall, I am very pleased with your agency. if not, we would not have returned. I would recommend you to anyone thus you can feel welcome to use me as a referral.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Kelly Stagner was professional and polite and attentive.

D. Henderson

5 Star I have had a good experience with renting from Tyson. No problems ever, excellant staff. Any maintenance problems were fixed quickly.

Owner Survey Response

5 Star Reedra has been wonderful, always responding very quickly to emails, and informing me of the status of the home.

Billy R.

5 Star Very well managed individuals! Than you all @ Tyson!

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star I think Tyson does great in all aspects!

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Any problems are taken care of within reasonable time frames. I really dont have to deal much with Tyson and I feel that is a good thing. That means things are running smoothly.

Ken H.

5 Star Everyone does a good job and is always helpful.

Owner Survey Response

5 Star Reedra is my best property manager. I only wish she could manage my other properties.

A. Gordon

5 Star  Very nice employees and very helpful with service.

Owner Survey Response

5 Star Although I have not met Kelly yet, she is always available to address my concerns. I'm impressed with her willingness to help me over the phone with questions regarding my online account and when I call to express my concerns over the condition of the rental house

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star You all have the cleanest and nicest houses

Larry F.

5 Star The help and information that your company provides is a great help when looking for a property. Also would like to say that the information that is passed through the newsletters is helpful.

Owner Survey Response

5 Star June is the most efficient PM I have ever had.

M. Gallegos

5 Star Great response time to requests. Friendly, prompt, and good service.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star  Tyson Properties is definitely a cut above all other management companies. Please keep up the Great Job !!!!

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star  I have recommended Tyson to several people

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star Always outstanding service.

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star  I am happy with Tyson at this time. Vivian is very helpful and an excellent property manager!

Tenant Survey Response

5 Star  Always professional and organized.