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Tyson Properties Inc.

Why Landlords Choose Us

Tyson’s motto is “Communication is the Key”, which equates with great customer service!

We believe in keeping our property owners informed of exactly what is going on with their home. Our owners receive current reports and updates pertaining to vacancy, rent increases, marketing data, repairs and inspections. Plus, we keep owners informed of trends and timely topics via our property owner’s newsletter.

We feel it is important for each owner to know not only what is going on with their home but also what is taking place in the local real estate sales and rental market.  We keep owners informed of market trends and relevant ownership topics via our periodic Owner’s Newsletters.

We Provide Peace of Mind

Your rental property is a very valuable asset. Entrust the management of that asset to an organization that offers you peace of mind. Tyson Properties Inc. is one of the few companies in the Albuquerque Metro area that is a long time member of the National Association of Property Managers (NARPM) and Better Business Bureau.

All of our Department Managers are licensed New Mexico Real Estate Brokers who have been thoroughly trained in New Mexico Landlord Tenant Law.

We have a staff of 14 employees and have a departmentalized structure. What this means for our Home Owners is that there will always be someone available during business hours, Monday through Friday, to answer your call or return your email.

We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, however, we do monitor for any repair emergencies over the weekend.

In 2011 Tyson Properties received the Vi Gautsch Excellence in Property Management Award as designated by the Albuquerque Board of Realtors.

It might further ease your mind to know that we have General Liability, Professional Liability and Worker's Comp insurance each for $1,000,000 worth of coverage, and we only contract with licensed and insured vendors.

We also set the bar for Trust Accounting practices in the State of New Mexico; our procedures were used as the model for our local law requirements.

We Manage Costs

All of our fees are "performance based". We work on commission only, therefore, we will only be paid, if you are paid. If we do not collect any rent, you do not pay our management fee. With our 11% management fee you receive access to our licensed, experienced staff, stellar accounting, timely communications, established Vendor relationships and personalized service.

We Promote Your Property

We are local market specialists and know how to market a rental property. Our Leasing Department can help get your home rented quickly to a qualified applicant. We will promote your property in a variety of ways including listed on several different specialized websites that focus only on residential home rentals. We use automated lockboxes to increase property showing availability, especially in the early evenings and weekends.

We Provide Full Tenant Screening

Tyson Properties was the first management company in New Mexico to do a 50 state criminal background check. Once we have an interested applicant, we will perform a detailed background check. Background checks include a credit check, a search for a history of evictions, verification of landlord history and current employment/source of income, and confirmation that the applicant is not a registered sex offender. Any applicant with a felony conviction for an act of violence, sex crime, or illegal manufacturing or distribution of drugs within the past 7 years will be accepted. We process all applicants through our screening scoring system, which we spent years developing and perfecting, to help find highly qualified tenants for your property.

We Provide Monthly Statements

We provide detailed monthly online statements showing your income and expenses. These statements are emailed to you as well as logged in our online portal, where you can access them at any time. We will directly deposit your rent disbursements into your account each month ensuring that your funds arrive safely and as timely as possible. If you ever have a question about your monthly statement, our specialized Accounts Department is available to answer them.

We Manage Maintenance and Repairs

Our Maintenance Department will handle all needed repairs on your property and will follow up with the vendor and the tenant to ensure the job is completed promptly. You will not be bothered with late night or weekend emergencies. We will handle those calls for you. For any large repairs, over $400, we will obtain estimates for your review prior to scheduling the work. We screen the Vendors that we work with to ensure they are providing high quality service at industry standard pricing.

There are many more features and benefits related to Tyson's services.  Give us a call at 505-323-2104 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. We look forward to working with you, or email us at if you have questions.