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Top Neighborhoods for Residential Investment Properties in Albuquerque

Are you looking for a list of Albuquerque neighborhoods to help you buy a rental property?

Lots of investors are interested in purchasing investment homes in our city. There are many articles about best neighborhoods to live in, but that's only a starting point for a smart investor.

Purchasing Residential Investment Properties in Albuquerque, NM

Here's the key ingredient when searching for a rental purchase: Know who you want to rent to and where they might want to live.

When you want to rent to young families who don't mind commuting into the city, look to the Westside – Taylor Ranch, Richland Hills, Ladera are good places to start.

Younger tenants who are working in the film industry or with tech companies will likely be looking in a more central area with fast access to coffee, late night restaurants and nightlife. Think UNM, Nob Hill, Downtown, Sawmill and Wells Park.

Older couples who work downtown or near the Kirtland AFB may want a bit of room without much maintenance in the north central or east part of the city, such as Snow Heights, Academy Park, Bear Canyon, Mossman, or Classic Uptown.

Where to find a listing of Albuquerque neighborhoods

There's one single place to get the latest list of Albuquerque neighborhoods: the city of Albuquerque's website. That's because the city is the one who keeps track of the names and locations of every neighborhood.

Popular locations include Nob Hill, 7 Bar North, Anderson Hills, Academy Acres North, Academy North, Del Norte, Four Hills, Juan Tabo Hills, Ladera Heights, Ladera West, Netherwood Park, Mossman, Paradise Hills, Southeast Heights, Taylor Ranch, Wells Park, Willow Wood.

If you use these communities to locate yourself, you'll notice many of these top areas have wonderful prospective neighborhoods surrounding them.

Alternate way to find Albuquerque neighborhoods

Use Google maps to find names of Albuquerque neighbohoods this way. Enlarge and reduce the image to see the names of the neighborhoods and find the perfect area for your home buying hunt to begin.

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