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Selling? What Do Homebuyers Want to Know About Your Property?

For SaleGreat news for homeowners!

Home sales are the strongest they've been in a decade. Summer 2016 is unfolding as a year of high demand for homes to buy and a shortage of homes available, and that means sellers are in the driver’s seat, at least for now.

If you want to sell your home for the highest amount possible, how do you take advantage of this market?

The answer is simple. You provide the right information about your property upfront, and you highlight the data that will grab a buyer's attention.

Think energy savings, new roof, updated electrical wiring, and technology ready, but also consider some questions that may appear to be unimportant to you but absolutely necessary to answer if you want to prime your potential buyers to pay top dollar for your property before the negotiations begin.

Questions to answer

A recent article from RISMedia tells us that answering certain questions for buyers on the hunt "...could ultimately be determining factors in their decision to make an offer." According to RISMedia, this information may include:

  • What structures or fixtures are included in the list price? (Appliances, ceiling fans, lighting, shed, swing set, window treatments, etc.)
  • What are the home’s annual costs? (Electric, municipal water, gas, oil, lawn care, pool maintenance, etc.)
  • Has the home required asbestos, lead or mold removal? Has the home been tested for radon?

You can see more questions to answer by visiting RISMedia here.

Home Sales

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