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Repair Request

Please read below before completing our: Repair Request Form 

Some repairs you may be able to resolve yourself. Repair How-To Videos and Troubleshooting Information

Upon completion of the requested repair, please complete our: Vendor Evaluation Form

Our office is open five days a week. If this is an emergency, please call our office at 505-323-2104 and we will address the issue as soon as possible during our office hours. If this is in regards to a Water Emergency, please immediately turn off the water to the problem area. Water turn offs are located on the water lines to toilets, sinks, water heaters, etc within the home.  If you are unable to turn off the water line or if this does not stop the water flow, please call the City of Albuquerque Water Authority for an Emergency Turn Off at 842-WATR (842-9287).  They are on-call 24/7.  Then complete the online repair request form below so your property manager can contact you and can send a Plumber out as soon as possible to repair the issue. If you are reporting a Gas Leak, please immediately call NM Gas at 1-888-664-2726, ext 1. Then complete the on-line repair request form below so that your property manager can contact you and can send a Plumber out as soon as possible to repair the issue.  

Tyson Properties' bug spray policy is one spray per tenant paid for by the landlord, each subsequent spray will be the tenant's responsibility and at the tenant's expense unless there is an infestation or point of access that needs to be addressed.

Before completing the maintenance request form, please read the troubleshooting guide provided below. Completing these steps can save you time and money! Tenants may be charged for a service call if the service person determines that the tenant failed to perform rountine maintenance task as outlined below.

Use for all Albuquerque rental homes, Rio Rancho rental homes and all Tyson property rentals.

Troubleshooting Guide

  1. Smoke Detectors won't work when tested: Press the test button or test with approved smoke detector smoke spray, replace battery.
  2. Smoke Detector beeps: replace battery.
  3. No power to plugs or switches: Check and reset breaker panel. Check and reset all GFI (Ground Fault Indicator) outlets (located in kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, and garages). Check if plug works off a wall switch.  Call PNM 246-5600 to check if there is an outage in your area.
  4. Garbage disposal doesn't work: When on, do you hear a buzz? If you do not hear a buzz, hit the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and test. If you hear a buzz, turn off disposal and unplug from wall. Mounted on the side of the disposal or side of cabinet may be an Allen Wrench. Put the wrench in the center shaft and gently twist back and forth (this un-jams the disposal). Remove the object that is causing the obstruction, turn back on, and test.
  5. No hot water: Check and reset breaker in power panel.  Check the temperature setting and make sure it is set to a medium temperature, not on low or vacation mode.
  6. Plumbing or fixtures leak: Turn off water fixture, turn off water at supply line and notify your property manager immediately.
  7. Toilet is plugged: Plunge and test.
  8. No heat: Check thermostat. Check that furnace covers are in properly. Check that a switch that looks like an ordinary light switch is turned on (located in or near the furnace room). Did you pay your utilities on time or issue an order to disconnect the utility?
  9. Dishwasher won't drain: Clean food out of bottom of dishwasher.
  10. Dishwasher grinds or no water is coming in: Turn off, if no water is on the bottom pour two large glasses of water into the bottom and re-start. If problem continues, call your property manager and discontinue use.
  11. Calcium build-up in Dishwasher: Pour a little bit of vinegar in the dishwasher and run while empty.
  12. Refrigerator too warm or too cold: Check if thermostat in refrigerator is set correctly.
  13. No Air conditioning: (For refrigerated air only) Check all circuit breakers. Clean and replace filter and test. OR (For Swamp Coolers) Report if fan is blowing air or not or report if fan is blowing but the air is warm. Make sure at least one window is slightly open.
  14. No electricity: Check all breakers, flip them hard to the OFF position and then hard to the ON position.
  15. Filters: It is the tenant's responsibility to change refrigerator filters.

Repair Videos and Troubleshooting Information

A Dishwasher Topics
I put the wrong type of soap in the dishwasher, what do I do?
The dishwasher drain is clogged.
B Drain Topics
How do I unclog a drain?
How to use a plunger on a slow draining sink.
C Electrical Topics
I lost electrical power or need to reset the circuit breaker.

Watch this video first:  External Link 

If you are unable to solve a power outage by following the directions on this video, fill out a repair request to let your property manager know about the issue. Your property manager will contact a qualified vendor to let them know you need help. 
I lost power to an outlet but not the rest of the room or home.
  • If your outlet is a GFI (see images below,) unplug any items from the outlet and push the reset button. (Reset buttons are clearly marked on GFI outlets.)
  • If that does not fix the problem, follow the repair video in FAQ #5 to reset the breakers throughout the home.
  • If your outlet is not a GFI outlet, follow the repair video in FAQ #5 for resetting the breakers throughout the home.

Here are two examples of GFI outlets:

GFI OutletwhiteGFI

This external link will tell you more about the different types of outlets in your home: External Link

D Garbage Disposal Topics
How to unjam the garbage disposal.

The tool being used to unjam the disposal in this video is a 1/4" allen wrench, also called a hex key.

External Link

How to reset the garbage disposal.
How to properly use a garbage disposal.
E Gas Topics
I smell gas, what do I do?
F HVAC Topics
About Thermostats and Control Systems
How do I change my HVAC filters?
G Smoke Detector Topics
How do I test the smoke detector?
How do I maintain the smoke detector?
H Water Topics
I check for a possible water leak?

First make sure that all the water faucets are off in the home and the toilets are not running.  Locate the water meter and look for a glass casing that holds a black triangle (delta).  It is a small round circle located near the reading gauges on the water meter.  If the triangle is moving, and all the water is off, then there is a possible leak in the home. 

If you found a running toilet, check to see if the flapper valve is stuck (black plug inside the tank).  An open flapper valve can use a large amount of water.

How do I turn off the main water supply at the curb?
How do I turn off the main water supply inside the house?
I Toilet Topics
How do I change the flapper valve on the toilet?

External Link

J Refrigerator Topics
How do I change the refrigerator water filter?

This video covers Whirlpool appliances and includes Amana, Maytag and Kitchenaid.


How do I change the refrigerator water filter?

This video covers a GE refrigerator. You can also find out more about GE filter replacement in this document.

K Garage Door Topics
My garage door opener isn't working.

It's likely you need to replace the battery in the keypad. Most openers require a 9 volt battery to operate. 

If the battery replacement doesn't fix the problem, you may need to reset your opener.

This video demonstrates how to achieve both. Try the battery replacement first.

External Link


Please complete the form below to request a repair needed at the property. If the repair is an emergency, please call our office at (505) 323-2104 and see the instructions above for a Water or Gas emergency. Fill out the form to the best of your knowledge. All fields are required.

We must have a valid working phone number to reply to this request, please include your most recent phone number!   

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