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Tyson Properties, Inc.

What to Expect During an Inspection

The New Mexico Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act [47-8-1 to 47-8-52 NMSA 1978], outlines the rights a Property Owner and/or their Agent have  to enter the rental home in order to conduct a property inspection upon giving a 24 hour notice to enter to the Tenant.  Tenants cannot refuse and must allow the Landlord entry or access to the property or to any part or portion of the property; barring or refusing to allow entry is a direct violation of New Mexico law and potential grounds for the termination of a lease.

Tyson Properties, Inc. and its agents make every effort to schedule all property inspections with the Tenant at a convenient time. However, sometimes it is impossible to accommodate every schedule.  We ask you, the Tenant, to please be responsive when a notice for inspection is give—a quick response allows us to schedule inspection appointments at a time that is convenient for you.  If you miss a scheduled appointment, Tyson Properties charges you a $40 trip fee. The $40 fee makes it doubly important for you to make every effort to meet the scheduled appointment. We realize emergencies can arise, so if something comes up, please give us the courtesy of a 24 hour notice to reschedule.  If we are unable to schedule an appointment with you, we do like for you to be present, please know that we will enter the property whether you have responded or not after sending a 24 hour notice to enter.  

Inspection Details

During the inspection process, Tyson Properties must have access to all areas of the property.  This requirement is for your own benefit and safekeeping as we are looking for potential repair and existing safety issues and areas where we can apply proper preventative maintenance.  Warning:  Failure to allow us access to any area or room of the home or property FOR ANY REASON will result in a $40 trip fee PLUS a seven day notice and a return inspection at which time we will require access to the restricted area(s).  In addition, you will be charged a $40 trip fee for every return visit we make until every areas of the home is available for our inspection.  These fees make it important for the Tenant, that’s you, to make all areas of the home and property available and ready for the inspection prior to the scheduled date.

It is important to remember that the property you are renting and living in is owned by another party. Property owners are not always available to inspect the property and our agents often times take pictures of the property during the inspection appointment.   The photos provide a way for the property owner to know and understand the condition of their investment.  We do not take pictures to record your personal items and we make every effort to minimize and limit the number of personal items included in the photos.  However, please know we must document every area of the home and we must photograph any and all items found to be in an unsafe or non-working condition—this includes items found that are in violation of your lease.  All pictures taken during inspections are strictly for documentation purposes and are never transferred or posted to outside sources or organizations.  

Our Assurances to the Tenant

Tyson Properties and its agents know that our tenants lead busy lives and may find it difficult to accommodate property inspections. It is important to understand that inspections help provide safe, clean and properly maintained rental homes and are a necessary procedure to keep our tenants safe and out of harm’s way.

We intend to make every effort to accommodate you, the Tenant, and be as minimally intrusive as is possible. We appreciate your understanding of this process and your cooperation during the scheduling and inspection procedure.

We would like your input about the property during the inspection which would include pointing out any repairs that might need to be made. This feedback helps us address the concerns you have and get them resolved.

Tyson Properties would like to thank you for your continued tenancy!