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Good Reasons to Increase Housekeeping Efforts During Flu Season

Flu Season Facts

Flu, or influenza, is a contagious respiratory illness caused by viruses. It’s easily spread through the public and delivers symptoms that are mild to severe.

You can get flu by being around people who are coughing or sneezing or by touching surfaces that have the virus on them and then rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Complications from the virus include ear and sinus infections, bacterial pneumonia, and dehydration. People who may experience complications include: children, seniors, and anyone with a chronic disease.

The flu season peaks during January and February, meaning the largest number of people getting the flu occurs during this period. Flu activity can appear as early as October and as late as May.

Keeping your home stocked with tissues and paper goods and medications to reduce fevers can keep you from needing to leave the house, when you aren’t feeling well and vulnerable to airborne germs.

Tips to stay healthy:

  • Get vaccinated for the flu.
  • Avoid close interaction with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you discover you are sick. You don’t want to infect others.
  • Wash your hands often. Soap and water are best. Use an alcohol based hand cleaner when you can’t wash your hands.
  • Clean phones, tablets, keyboards, headsets, and other items that others may have used or that you have placed on surfaces that may be contaminated.
  • Keep liquid soap and paper towels handy at all sinks to encourage hand washing.
  • Don't begin preparing a snack or meal  until after you've washed your hands.
  • Wash shared dishes thoroughly before and after use. This is especially important in the work place where glasses and dishes are provided and eating surfaces are shared.