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3 Steps to Finding a Compatible Home Rental in Albuquerque

Investigating a neighborhood before signing a rental lease is always a good way to judge your compatibility with the locals. You'll want to uncover whether you will have access to the shopping, parks, schools, and playgrounds you need to function as a family or a single household.

Here are three ways to learn about your favorite neighborhoods and the essentials they provide:

  • A personal visit is the best way to judge the amenities available so take a long drive, tour up and down streets, and locate all the things that are important to you. Use a web based map service to outline your chosen area and mark the nearest routes to freeways, grocery stores, and schools.
  • Stop by The City of Albuquerque web page and locate the neighborhood association for your favorite areas on the city's link page. You will learn all kinds of things about your potential new neighbors and friends including news about schools, social events, and zoning. The list does not include all the associations within the City. If you need information on an association not listed, please call the Office of Neighborhood Coordination at 505-924-3914.
  • Visit the neighborhood Home Owners Association to learn what is expected of you as a resident. HOAs are different than neighborhood associations and your favorite area could have both an NA and an HOA. An HOA may sound unnecessary for a renter but as an occupant of the home, you will be responsible as if you were a home owner while living in a rental. Yup, you are responsible for keeping weeds out of the yard, trash from piling up, and cars from sitting too long curbside. Regulations may include how you handle watering, sidewalk maintenance, and mailbox contents, among other things.


Make a list of all the important things you need in a neighborhood and a home. Know that it is unlikely you will find an area or house that meets every one of your needs, and prioritize them to help you judge whether you are on the right track while you are house hunting.

In many cases, renters are expected to manage a property as if they were the home owner.