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Why Investors Choose Tyson Properties

We Are Investment Home Experts

Go to the experts on rental homes, when either selling or buying an investment home.

Tyson knows best how to deal with any potential tenant issues. Tyson knows the hottest markets and the current rental rates in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. 

Whether you want to buy or sell a home or rental property, or complete a tax deferred exchange of a rental property, Tyson can help. We are ready to create a free market analysis report for you. On our web site there is a FREE “market snapshot” report form that allows you to provide answers to a few short questions to quickly find out the value of a home. 

MORE Reasons to Choose Tyson Properties 

  • We have experienced representatives in each of these areas—buying, selling and investing--to give your rental property the personal attention it deserves. We are committed to providing you exceptional service with a professional and personal approach.
  • Whether you are an experienced real estate investor, or new to the investment process, you need to work with a team of real estate professionals that can help you succeed.
  • Tyson’s team includes people experienced as investors and property managers. We have contacts with lending resources and tax deferred exchange intermediaries.
  • We help you analyze local market conditions so you have more available opportunities to "buy low and sell high"! In fact, some properties may be bought with a tenant—and income--already in place.
  • Tyson’s management professionals can help you accurately estimate the market rent, get the property rented promptly and manage the rental investment for you while your equity grows.

We Deliver Experience

When it is time to sell, our detailed market analysis of your property helps price the property correctly to sell quickly.

Our experience includes lease purchase contracts and seller financing--we can help you create more options and maximize the return on your investment.

Let us help you with alternatives that reduce tax obligations, such as using a tax deferred exchange or applying an installment sale method to report gains. 

We can help you maximize the return on your investment. When you are ready to select a real estate company to help you invest in rental property, choose the leader.

Choose Tyson Properties Inc. Contact us here or call us directly at 505-323-2104.

Let Tyson Manage your Sale For You!