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Who Knew Dirt and Water Could Be So Iconic?

As local Albuquerque property managers, we're so familiar with the iconic structures associated with New Mexico that most of us don't think twice about them.

I'm talking about the adobe homes and buildings that dot our landscape both in our cities and throughout New Mexico.

Do you know what adobe is?

Why is this centuries old building method so prevalent in Albuquerque and the state? Its origins date back to the 1400's, and roughly 600 years later we continue to build with the earth and live happily within its walls.

There are advantages to using adobe, and they have everything to do with comfort and temperature control in every season. From contemporary spaces to modern designs to traditional abodes, New Mexico loves living with adobe.

Voice of America reports here about this reliable construction method:


If you want to know more about Kris Linton and her short-term adobe rentals in the Albuquerque rental market, click here to visit Casita de Padre.


Melissa LaRose

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