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The Truth About Cooking



photo courtesy of wax115

8 Facts About Cooking at Home

  • Cooking causes more fires and injuries than any other at home activity.
  • FEMA reports that during the years 2008 through 2010, residential cooking accounted for 45% of the home fires fire departments responded to.
  • Leaving cooking food unwatched is the leading reason for cooking fires.
  • Many cooking fires begin because kitchen towels, pot holders, and other flammable items are kept to close to the heat source during cooking.
  • More than 50% of injuries occurring during cooking happen when people attempt to control or fight the fire themselves.
  • The method of cooking most likely to cause a fire is frying.
  • Children are more likely to injure themselves from non-fire related burns.
  • Relative to the amount of cooking done, males have a disproportionate risk of cooking fire injury.

Data for this article was resourced from the FEMA website.