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This Time Lapse Video Reveals Amazing Management Process

Albuquerque property managersNine events in 10 days means a lot of multi-tasking and problem solving for stadium employees and event co-ordinators at the KFC Yum! Center. 

Watching this amazing, hard-working group of people operate with such coordination and timing got us thinking about how property management and event management have so many things in common.

Of course, meeting deadlines and scheduled appointments and keeping tabs on coordinating it all are vital - just preparing a home for a new tenant and getting the listing information gathered and posted is a feat our property managers excel at.

Finding knowledgeable vendors and keeping managers and administrators trained and on their toes is required for residential property management, too. But the top requirement for our Albuquerque property managers is the abillity to meet and interact with a wide range of personalities and demands.

Just take a look at how much gets done at the KFC Yum! Center in 10 days.

Watching this time-lapse video just might spark an idea about how to get your management team working in sync and accomplishing more every day.

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