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Keeping Messes Out of the Home During Winter

Slush and snow cause a lot of indoor meeses during New Mexico winter months. Here are some ideas on how to contain the puddles and disorder before they infiltrate living areas:

Designate a specific process for coming indoors. If everyone is dragging through the front door, guess where all the muddy footprints and puddles of melted dirt and snow will end up? Side doors and garage entries make great access points during the winter.

Use a specific space to remove coats, boots and weather worn clothing. A laundry room, side entry hallway, or attached garage are useful places for storing outdoor clothing or removing wet clothing. Keep a peg board, coat tree, or other hanging device in that area so items don’t end up in a pile on the floor.

Replace your lightweight summer welcome mats with heavy duty winter ones. Thick mats with open spacing are ideal for allowing water, mud, and slush to drop away from the mat’s surface. Keep these mats placed right outside the door and make sure everyone knows to wipe their feet before entering the house. Place a softer, absorbent mat inside the door to catch drips and excess water.

Add a winter storage bin to entries. A well-placed lidded seat/box can be a perfect place to store clean, warm socks and favorite sweats and long sleeve shirts for indoor wearing, or store boots, gloves, and hats. Purchase one that can service your outdoor activities year round or choose one that is it easy to remove during the summer months.