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3 Ways to Keep Computer Cords from Tripping You Up

Do you put up with a big wire mess just to keep your computer and other technologies plugged in? Dealing with a knot of wires and cables flowing across desks, floors and piled up around outlets is a nuisance and a tripping hazard.

Here are three ways to gather the strands and get them organized:

Streamline by bundling like cords together. Search the local office supply store for a cable managing product that bundles or ties the cords together.

Look for flexible, colored coils or twist ties that let you visually identify what’s what. Loose-leaf binder rings also work well and come in boxes of 16 units and in varying diameters and colors.

If you want a cost-free solution, use a sock, yes the ones you wear on your feet. Cut the toe off and slip your cords through it. It’s a great way to put those singles to use. When they get dusty, and they will, pull them off, throw them in the wash, and then slip the cords back through once they’re clean.

Idea: Stay even more organized by grouping the CPU and external drive cords together, the peripherals (mouse, keyboard, display) in another bundle, and the modem and extra cable equipment in a third bundle. Mark them by color or with a label so youknow what's what at a glance.

Plug everything into one location. A surge protector is a great way to protect your technology from power outages and keep cords flowing into one central location.

A remote control surge protector allows you to shut off outlets you're not using so you can conserve energy.

Create a cable catcher. This helps gather them into one spot instead of allowing them to meander across the floor.

Foam pipe insulation, PVC, and even a cardboard tube can be used to gather and direct cords. You’ll need to cut the tube into a length that works for your setup and pull the cords through the pipe, from end to end, to make this work.

Use a wire basket that sits next to or under your workstation. A wire or woven basket with a weave wide enough to pull cords through after they’re plugged into their outlets is ideal. Once you’ve pulled the cord into the basket, wrap and tie the cord into a bundle and then pull its plug up and into the back of the device it belongs to.

You can also find cable management boxes at Amazon or an office supply store that are designed for all your cords to run through after they’re plugged into their outlets.

Bonus Idea:

Go wireless. The only cord you’ll deal with is the one that operates the modem. No more mouse, keyboard, or display screen to plugin. If you get rid of your desktop and use a tablet with attachable keyboard, you will have even fewer cords to tie up.