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Does Your House Have the Stinky Winter Blues?

spring cleaning ideasIt's All About Surviving the Remaining Winter Months

It's February, and that means we've been indoors for several months hiding from the cold weather.

Your pillows, rugs, furniture and comforters could use some help right about now. In fact, visitors may be embarrassed to tell you, but your home may smell a bit ripe if you haven't opened a window or two recently.

Time to put that washer and dryer to good use. Don't forget the vacuum cleaner and its attachments. Those will come in handy, too.

Remember, cleaning now will put your home in good shape for spring.

Try a Mid-Winter Refresh

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use your dryer to fluff pillows and refresh them. Throw a dryer sheet in and set the cycle to no heat. Run for five to ten minutes. Warning: Don't put rubber or plastic materials into a dryer unless the label says it's okay. These materials can melt when heated.
  • Wash everything. If you can't put it in the washer, dry clean it.
  • Flip everything. Flip your mattresses, sofa cushions and decorative bed pillows. While you're at it, change the direction of your rugs...it will help them wear more evenly.
  • Clean closets. Linen, coat, and toy closets should be cleaned out and reorganized every season. Don't forget to vacuum closet floors before restocking shelves and hangers. Launder what you can.
  • Dust/vacuum book shelves, fan blades and rugs.
  • Vacuum air vents and replace air filters.
  • Open a window or two for a few hours during the warmest part of the day. Fresh air is good for you.
Easy Home Cleaning Tips

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