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Declutter the Garage

Securing your home before heading to bed at night should include making sure the car is in the garage and behind a locked door. When was the last time that happened at your house?

Like most everyone else, your garage is probably a catch-all for oversized items and things that don't belong indoors. With some thought and a few inexpensive storage items you can get that garage cleaned up and available for use.

Here are some ways to organize and declutter your garage:

  • Lift it off the ground and toward the ceiling. Rope and pulley systems, wall racks, and bike hooks are great ways to regain floor space and clear away a place for your car or truck. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards (wall racks are perfect for the boards), small boats, and even oversized toy vehicles can all be lifted up and away.
  • Gather it together and attach it to the wall. Wire racks designed for attachments, such as hooks and baskets, can keep sports items like balls, bats, masks, and shoes/boots grouped together for easier access. Use the wall to hang fishing rods, skis, and poles.
  • Add shelves to stack tackle boxes, coolers, and other solid, boxy shaped items and keep them away from the floor.
  • Use indoor storage racks in the garage. Vinyl coated clothing racks for shoes, ties, purses, and belts make great garage storage systems, too.
  • Install a magnetized rail for metal items and tools.
  • Keep long tall tools for the garden in a designated bin. Next time those large, round garbage bins are on sale grab a few extras for the garage--they make great holders for rakes, shovels, and brooms. Weight the bottom of the bin with a few bricks to keep it balanced and from toppling over from the weight of the tools.
  • Add peg boards to walls and buy the appropriate clips and holders to fit the board for your needs. Hand held and longer garden tools can easily be stored using the peg board.
  • Attach a can rack up high to store lubricants, fertilizers, and repellants. Placing the rack up high keeps these often dangerous items away from small hands.
  • Pen it in. Creating a gated pen in a corner of the garage can be a great final destination for bicycles, baby carriages, and lawn mowers and keep stray items from getting run over or becoming a trip hazard. 


  • Always attach wall and ceiling hung racks, peg boards, and railings to wall studs. Attaching them to sheetrock without a stud behind it isn't a sturdy enough attachment and you or a family member could get injured when the attachment fails. Use a stud finder (you can find one at the hardware store) to locate the studs. Once you've found one, you should be able to measure 18 to 24 inches over to find the next one.
  • Handle and store flammable items safely. FEMA has some great advice on handling hazardous materials in the home.