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Create Storage for Your Home with Recycled Items

Sometimes moving into a new home doesn't leave you with much cash for buying new storage pieces.

Recycling old items can keep you organized and save you a few bucks. Even if you need to rummage through a junk store or two to find what you need, you're sure to pay less than you would at a local retailer.

We like these four DIY storage ideas for their ingenuity:

  • Re-purpose old file cabinets in the garage to store tools, sporting equipment and extra building materials. Remember to always load drawers starting at the bottom and filling them with the heaviest items. Loading heavy items in teh top drawers can make the file cabinet unstable and easily toppled.
  • Clean up an old family trunk, or find one in a junk shop or at a garage sale, and use it as a coffee or end table. Trunks serve double duty as a storage piece and a table top and make great places to tuck away extra blankets and pillows. Old suitcases work too but you may need to stack several, one on top of the other, to get the height you're looking for.
  • Give those old ice cube trays a good cleaning and use them as drawer organizers. Trays work well for organizing jewelry and hair items or even as an office organizer-think thumb tacks, rubber bands, erasers, etc. In the garage, they make a great organizer for nails, bolts, and washers.
  • Use old picture frames and create an easy pin-up board for an easy way to see all or jewelry. Remove the glass and replace it with cork, then hang the frame on the wall above a dresser or in a dressing area. Use pushpins to hang necklaces and earrings and keep them untangled and ready for wearing.