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Are You Prepared to Pass Our Albuquerque Rental Home Background Check?

RedDoorEvery adult applying for one of our rental properties must pass a full background check in order to be accepted as one of our tenants. Our process allows us to make sure a tenant has the financial means to pay the rent. We also need to verify whether an applicant has a criminal history.

When you apply for tenancy with Tyson Properties, we complete the following background checks:

  • Criminal
  • Credit

Our criminal background check is for all fifty states, not just New Mexico, and additional governmental agencies. 

We also verify:

  • Income

  • Rental/Mortgage History 

Some of the Reasons Your Application Can Be Rejected

This is not a complete list. See our Rental Application page for more information.

  • Incomplete or incorrect information provided on the application

  • Lack of verifiable rental or mortgage history

  • Gross income that doesn’t meet requirements (One applicant’s individual earnings must be 3 times rent amount.)

  • No proof of employment or student status

  • Unpaid judgments or tax liens

  • A felony conviction, regardless of conviction date, for an act of violence, sex crime, or illegal manufacturing or distribution of drugs will be accepted. Other criminal activity may warrant a rejection.

Our Property Managers are always happy to provide you with complete information about our application process. 


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